how to play dominations in android or iphone game

how to play dominations android iphone game - and how to attack enemy in dominations, how to defense and how to make fast build our building such defenses. Dominations claimed that they would defeat the COC or Clash Of Clans, yesterday I read in seconds, and finally made me curious, what kind of game. and in the end I downloaded and tried to play it, it turns out the game dominations have also diversified strategy as well as COC, this game was very similar at all, ranging from the building, attacking even chatnya was very similar, but the concept is different, dominations brings concepts such as games PC strategies such as age empire, earth nations, so that those of you who desire to play the game can play this dominations through your android or iphone. 

How To Play Dominations
my little tips on how to play this dominations:

First, try upgrading your age continues to be a variety of buildings can quickly open and built.then, in the barrack for troops and attack the enemy to gain more loot.This game is like COC, ie build, offense and defense. so play this game just takes patience and diligent only so fast you ride and large settlements.

how the continuation of game dominations in the year 2016, if the game is to survive and if I can beat the game Clash of Clans, it was difficult relatives, see the development of Clash of Clans who are increasingly much demand for more simple, the game is also more amusing in character, even be talking about clash of Clans.yes so the above how to play dominations easy to quickly evolve, unfortunately charts for dominations looks rather ordinary, this game is more similarity as a PC game that is age of empire android, so will be reminded again how exciting playing game Age of empire in PC and can now mainin in android.every game has advantages and disadvantages of each, so nobody likes dominations nothing like Clash of Clans, all depends on the game, it's a game, if the saturation can replace another game. yet there is not the dirugiin, while we can divide the time, that time is more important than playing games, be helpful and do not be a maniac who tar instead practically autistic people


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